Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a pre-sales question, here's a handy few answers for some questions we commonly get asked.
How fast will my internet be?

Internet speeds can vary depending on the type of service you have, distance from the cabinet/exchange/PoP and the quality of your lines and/or signal. As a guideline:

ADSL: 2-20Mbps Down, 0.4-1.2Mbps Up
VDSL: 10-50Mbps Down, 4-10Mbps Up
UFB: Close to the speed your plan describes
Vetta Wireless: 10-50Mbps Down, 10-50Mbps Up
RBI: 5-30Mbps Down, 5-15Mbps Up

We can run a prequalification check on your address to give you a rough indication of the speed you might receive, however there is no way to know your definite speed before your connection has been completed.

When you say "Unmetered Data", what do you mean?

By "Unmetered Data", we allow you the use of your connection without any data caps. This being said, we need to ensure everyone on our network receives an excellent level of service, so we have implemented a fair use policy, where we may impose a data cap or rate limit if any of the following conditions are met:

  • Over 20% of your maximum bandwidth is being utilised consistently over a month (based on 95th percentile calculation)
  • Your connection is being used for public server access
  • Your data use is affecting the performance of others on the network
Can I keep my phone number?
Absolutely! We'll just need to know who your current phone provider is, as well as the account number you have with them.
Payment Options
At time of invoice, we accept the below payment options:
- Bank Transfer
- Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express & JCB
- Direct Debit
There are no surcharges or fees to any payment option.


Now that you're with us, need a little hand getting things going? The helpful answers below might be just the ticket.
What are the DNS servers for my router?

We automatically push out our DNS servers to you once your router connects to us, however if you are configuring your own equipment, you may need the following DNS servers:

  • Server 1 (Auckland):
  • Server 2 (Sydney):
What happens when I use all my data?

If you're not on an umetered plan, after receiving two notifications at 90% and 100% of your data usage, you will be billed $1/GB for DSL, UFB and Wireless services, and $2.50/GB for RBI services

What happens when I move house?

Just let us know when and where you're moving, and we'll sort the rest! If any charges are involved as a result of the move, we'll let you know in advance

Can I get a static IP?

With Vetta Online, all our connections are given a static IP by default. No extra charges, no fuss!

Can I get an IPv6 subnet?

Watch this space! In Q1 2018, we will be giving our /56 IPv6 subnets to customers at no extra charge.