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Free WiFi

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South Canterbury Free WiFi

We're busy building the next generation of our Free WiFi network throughout South Canterbury & beyond.
The next generation of our Free WiFi service will result in you being able to achieve vastly greater speeds and reliability in comparison to our original service.

Our new network is running the latest in Wireless-AC equipment to allow your devices to connect via both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Even better, many of our nodes run completely off-the-grid harnessing the power of the sun.
Connecting is a breeze, simply look out for the Vetta Free WiFi network on your device. Connect, enter your details and you're away!

On our free tier, we permit 500MB of usage for free, per day. For higher usage, unmetered plans are available for purchase on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, with all proceeds going to improve the coverage of the network.
  • Free to use

  • Great speeds

  • Reliable connection

  • 2.4GHz & 5GHz

  • Uncapped plans available

  • Coverage improving

We're busy building our next-gen Free WiFi network!

If our Free WiFi network isn't near you yet, hang in there! We might just be there soon.


Take a look at our coverage

Use the map below to zoom in and scroll around to view the coverage. GREEN areas indicate our "next-gen" networks, while BLUE areas indicate those yet to be upgraded.




Questions, questions, questions - we love them, and we get asked quite a few. To keep things simple, here are some which may be relevant to you.
What can I connect to the network?
We allow any WiFi-capable devices to connect to the network, so long as they do not compromise the network, impede the performance of other users, or present a security risk to the network. For full details, please refer to the terms of service prior to connection.
Why do you need my personal information?
On connection to the WiFi, we collect (at minimum) your name, email address and country of residence. We store this information to ensure we can contact you if required, for statistical purposes, and to request your feedback. For full details, please refer to the terms of service prior to connection.
There's no coverage where I am
We are always reviewing our coverage - if you have an idea for our next location, please contact us!
Who do I contact for support?
Please contact Vetta Online for support, our details are on our contact page. Please do not contact Timaru District Council or our service partners for support.