Dedicated Servers

The perfect server environment

Carrier neutral, fully redundant, VESDA gas fire suppressant, UPS, Generators and a quality Vetta Online backbone network gives our dedicated servers a great home in our premium Auckland datacentre

At Vetta Online, we work hard to ensure our datacentre spaces don't just look good, but are functional and reliable too. Everything from ensuring a perfect location through to eliminating any single point of failure has been thought of and implemented to give your equipment a safe haven.

Operating multiple power feeds from seperate UPS and Backup Generators, VESDA gas fire supression and multiple HVAC units is just the start. Bundling this with either our Vetta Online international backbone network, or taking advantage of our carrier neutral facilities gives your business a real "place in the cloud"

Whether you're looking for one small dedicated server, or a rack full, Vetta Online can build a bespoke solution to fit the needs of your business and its connectivity goals.

Vetta Online Dedicated Servers

Our range of powerful Dedicated Servers give your business compete control and dedicated hardware for whatever your business requirements may be. On many servers, we also offer Instant Setup in under 15 minutes, with 24x7 tools in your client portal to view information and perform actions at the hardware-level on your server, giving you true peace of mind and self-management capabilities.

Special Offer!

To celebrate the launch of our Instant range of Auckland Dedicated Servers, any Instant Setup order for an in-stock dedicated server may receive a flat fee of $10 NZD for the first month of service!
At checkout, enter the promo code "AKLINST1118"
(limited to one server per customer)
Auckland Dedicated Servers
Our Auckland Dedicated Servers are housed across 2 datacentres in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand, with redundant fibre paths and redundant power systems at both datacentres

CPU Memory Disk Bandwidth Instant Order
(<15 minutes)
Custom Order
(<48 hours)
Intel Quad 2.4GHz X3430 4GB 2x 250GB HDD 500GB $79/month (NZD)
Instant Setup
$99/month (NZD)
Custom Setup
Intel Quad 2.4GHz X3430 8GB 2x 1TB HDD 500GB $139/month (NZD)
Instant Setup
$159/month (NZD)
Custom Setup
Intel Quad 2.4GHz X3430 16GB 2x 1TB HDD 500GB $159/month (NZD
Instant Setup
$179/month (NZD)
Custom Setup
Intel Quad 3.1GHz E3-1220v3 16GB 2x 1TB HDD 500GB N/A $199/month (NZD)
Custom Setup
Intel Quad 3.1GHz E3-1220v3 16GB 2x 500GB SSD 500GB N/A $229/month (NZD)
Custom Setup
Los Angeles Dedicated Servers
Our Los Angeles Dedicated Servers are housed across 2 datacentres in Los Angeles - one in downtown, and one on the LAX campus, with redundant fibre paths and redundant power systems at both datacentres

Coming very soon!

Custom Servers Available

Nothing here suit your needs quite right? Get in touch with us, and we'll be happy to create a custom virtual server for your requirements.

Enterprise-grade server hardware

We use only the best Dell and SuperMicro server hardware for our dedicated servers

By using quality, proven Dell and SuperMicro hardware for our dedicated server services, backed with our premium datacentre, we ensure that your critical applications hosted on your dedicated server are constantly online, reliable and fast.

In the event of any server hardware failure, we carry spare parts to immediately dispatch and engineer and replace parts required as fast as possible, meaning that even in the unlikely event of you having to be offline, we limit this to the minimum amount possible.

24x7 Self-management automated tools

Giving you access to manage your server - just like you're in front of it!
  • Power on, off, and reboot your server

  • Reinstall your server with a range of operating systems

  • View network port utilisation and data consumption

  • View server temperature and fan speed sensor readings

Premium Datacentres

Our dedicated servers are housed in only premium datacentre locations
  • Multiple network paths and redundant links

  • Physical access via swipe card and key lock

  • Backup power UPS and generator systems

  • VESDA gas fire suppression system

  • Multiple HVAC cooling systems

Local presence. International network.

We've built an impressive international network spanning the globe, bringing you closer to important content and internet providers

We're passionate about providing exceptional service throughout everything we offer, which is why we've built our own national and international network to provide our customers with the best-in-class connectivity to services around the globe.

We've built our own backbone network which lands and links with content providers, other ISPs and Tier-1 and 2 providers in Auckland, Sydney, Los Angeles and London.

For enterprise or wholesale customers, we also offer IP Transit services so that you can leverage our network, while building it into your own!

We mean it when we say we have the globe covered, and can bring internet content closer to home with the Vetta Online network.