Internet for every kiwi

We believe that internet should be ubiquitously available throughout New Zealand, no matter if you're in the middle of the city or out in the "wop-wops". Fast, reliable internet with superior service is what we strive for, and we'd love to have you on board.

At Vetta Online, we strive to offer the best internet connectivity options for kiwis across the country. Whether this be via copper, fibre or wireless, our primary goal is fast and reliable connectivity

Further to this, we want to ensure you have a great internet experience within your home, which is why we offer the latest and greatest in router hardware, and options for you to upgrade your home or office network with our range of tried and tested options in our online shop.

We also offer our premier concierge service, where we will personally visit your home to ensure you're making the most our of your internet-enabled devices, and see if there's anything worth improving on for you to receive an even better internet connection to your devices.

For businesses, we also have our Managed & Monitored package, where we will monitor your office router 24x7, complete any changes you need and ensure your office productivity isn't affected by poor internet.

At Vetta Online, we go further. For connectivity, for reliability, for service, for you.

Four simple packages

Our internet comes in 4 simple variants. Whether you're in the middle of the city, on the outskirts or in the middle of nowhere, our goal is to provide you a fast, reliable internet experience no matter your location.




  • Up to 50Mbps downstream
  • Up to 10Mbps upstream
  • 100GB data
  • Unmetered data for +$20
  • Free Modem/Router

UFB Fibre


Speed options up to 200Mbps!

  • 100Mbps downstream
  • 20Mbps upstream
  • 100GB data
  • Unmetered data for +$20
  • Free Modem/Router

South Canterbury Wireless


Our own wireless network

  • Up to 70Mbps downstream
  • Up to 70Mbps upstream
  • 100GB data
  • Unmetered data for +$20
  • Free Modem/Router

Wireless RBI


Cell tower wireless RBI

  • Up to 30Mbps downstream
  • Up to 30Mbps upstream
  • 120GB data
  • 200GB data for +$50
  • Free Modem/Router
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Enhance your Vetta Online experience with a few addon options...

VoIP Phone Line


A phone line running over your internet connection. The ultimate in call quality!

Vetta Email Address


If you need an email address, we can provide an address.

Vetta Concierge


The ultimate in service. We'll visit you every 3 months to check up on your connection, setup new devices or give general IT-related help and guidance in your home.

Managed & Monitored


The standard in premier business connectivity. On top of a great connection, we'll manage your router and any changes, and monitor your router and connection 24x7!
Internet pricing listed is inclusive of GST.

Free Modem/Router

Available with all connections, we can offer a free modem/router for your use while with us

Depending on your service with us, we will either provide you with a FritzBox or a MikroTik RB951. Both of which offer excellent WiFi and connection speeds, and excellent reliability. If you require something a little more, higher powered or enterprise-grade, we offer a range of modems, routers and wireless access points in our online shop.

Our network coverage

We've built an impressive nationwide coverage encompassing copper, fibre and RBI wireless services across NZ, and our own wireless service throughout South Canterbury

We've worked hard to build our own national and international network from scratch based on reliability, resiliency and speed.

Our national network consists of nationwide copper and rural RBI coverage, UFB fibre services throughout most regions, and our own rural wireless coverage throughout parts of South Canterbury. No matter your location in New Zealand, we work hard to find a solution which will get you fast and reliable access to the world.

In Auckland, we connect to the Auckland Internet Exchange and the Megaport Auckland Exchange.

This allows us to transfer data between other ISPs and networks to give you a direct connection to New Zealand's best digital content. We then take our network one step further and connect to other networks in both Sydney (Megaport Sydney Exchange) and Los Angeles (Any2IX Exchange) via our international backbone network which we control.

All of this means you get a more direct connection to internet services, through network links where we maintain as much control as possible, bringing you the ultimate in performance and support.

Vetta Online Concierge

Our flagship service. A quarterly visit to your home for a complete technology check-up

Looking for an unprecedented level of customer care and support with your internet service? Our flagship Vetta Online Concierge service will see one of our skilled internet support engineers visit your home every 3 months to complete a check of your systems, see where improvements can be made, and assist you with setting up new internet-enabled devices or IT related equipment.

Our concierge service will also mean that you have a dedicated support contact at Vetta Online who knows your setup on a personal level, offering you a truly unmatched level of customer support.

Our Vetta Online Concierge service covers you for 4 home visits per year in the Timaru, Christchurch or Auckland regions, and is exclusive for residential users.

Why Vetta Online?

We work hard each and every day to ensure our services reach as many New Zealanders as we can, while ensuring we maintain a fast and reliable network to give our customers the ultimate in internet performance, reliability and top-level support.

We think we've structured the best "big little ISP" in New Zealand, and here's why:

  • Large network and multiple options of internet connection
  • Streamlined provisioning processes to ensure you get connected, fast
  • <20 second hold times when calling in
  • Speak to or email a network engineer who can fix an issue on the first instance
  • Continual build of our own network to further fast connectivity
  • Quality router & hardware provided free-of-charge
  • Vetta Concierge home visits to ensure smooth operation of your internet devices
  • Internally developed international network to ensure a fast connection to your door
  • Locally born and bred in Timaru - owned 100% by locals

What are you waiting for? Experience the Vetta Online difference today!