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Add a Hunt List

Add a Hunt List

You are here:
  • Access the Cloud PBX
  • Browse to Configuration → Hunt Lists
  • Click New Hunt List
    • Type a name for the Hunt List. Try to avoid spaces if possible. For example, AfterhoursStaff is better than Afterhours Staff.
    • Enter a number for the Hunt List, if you wish. This can be called in the same way as an extension number.
    • Set the Type:
      • Ring All
        • Calls all list members simultaneously, then times out.
      • Cycle
        • Calls all list members in order, then loops rather than timing out.
      • Sequence
        • Calls all list members in order, then times out.
      • Ring All Over Loop
        • Calls all list members simultaneously for Ring Time defined, then loops rather than timing out.
    • Set the list members. This can be either Extensions, or Custom Destinations with type of Call Forward.
    • Use fast dialing is enabled by default. If you notice any issues, please try disabling this.
    • To use Default Music on Hold instead of ringing, enable this.
    • To skip if extension is in use, enable this.
    • To skip if extension is offline, enable this.
    • Enable Allow extension redirect, to accept redirect instructions from the called phone.
    • Enable Allow FMFM to allow Find Me Follow Me logic to apply on called extensions.
    • Enable Allow additional destinations to allow use of additional destinations of extensions.
    • Enable Request confirm to answer to require users to press 1 to accept the call. This is recommended.
      • This resolves issues with mobile phones being unreachable, as it prevents use of mobile voicemail.
      • Using the standard message is recommended.
    • Set the Ring time and Dial timeout as required.
    • Set logic for timeout.
    • Click Save.
  • Done!

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