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Add a Queue

Add a Queue

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  • Access the Cloud PBX.
  • Browse to Configuration → Queues.
    • Click New Queue.
      • Enter the Name of the Queue.
        • Please try to avoid spaces if possible e.g. MainReception.
      • Enter a number for the Queue, if you wish. This can be called in the same way as an extension number.
      • If you’d like to record inbound calls through this Queue, set Always Record to Yes.
      • To set what music / ringing you’d like to play to the caller, select the appropriate option from the list
      • Set the Queue timeout. This is the length of time that a caller should remain in the Queue until it is deemed to have timed out.
        • 0 is a valid option here, meaning that the queue will never time out.
        • Please note that the tenant-wide Max call duration will take effect here, which at default is 7200 seconds (2 hours).
          • This can be modified at Configuration → Settings.
      • If you wish to limit the number of callers in the queue, set Max Queue Length, e.g. 3 would allow 3 callers in the queue, and the 4th caller would be routed to the On queue full logic.
      • If you would like to push multiple calls through at same time until there are no more waiting callers or no more available agents, set Auto fill to Yes.
      • Define your logic for On timeout.
      • Define your logic for On Queue full, if you changed Max Queue Length (above).
      • Strategy
        • Ring All
          • All Agents are called at the same time.
        • Round Robin
          • Agents are called, one at the time, in a round robin way.
        • Random
          • Agents are called in a random order.
        • Least Recent
          • The least recent Agent is called.
        • Fewest Calls
          • The Agent with the fewest calls is called.
        • Linear
          • Agents are called in the order specified.
          • Due to a limitation, it is not possible to change the Strategy of an already defined Queue to “Linear”. The queue will need to be deleted and recreated.
      • Add Agents to the Queue.
        • Avoid using additional destinations.
      • If appropriate, set Ring when in use/offline to Yes.
      • Set Agent timeout to 20 (seconds).
      • Set logic for On No Available Members.
        • This applies when all the Agents are offline, paused or have set DND.
      • Set logic for On No Free Members.
        • This applies when all the Agents are busy, offline, paused or have set DND.
      • Click Save
      • Done!

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