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Add an IVR

Add an IVR

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  • Access the Cloud PBX
  • Browse to Configuration → IVRs
  • Click New IVR
    • Type a name. Try to avoid spaces if possible. For example, TechnicalSupport rather than Technical Support.
    • Select a Welcome Message. You should have previously uploaded this in Configuration → Media Files.
    • Set your menu selection timeout. 5 seconds is recommended, and is the default.
    • If you want the IVR Welcome Message to repeat after the menu selection timeout, enable Loop on timeout.
      • You’ll also need to set the number of times to loop. The default of 5 times generally works.
    • Enable Loop on wrong key press if you wish. This is recommended.
    • If you want users to be able to enter extension numbers, enable this.
    • Set the logic you want for each number, and what should occur on timeout.
    • Click Save
  • Done!

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