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AS64073 BGP Communities

AS64073 BGP Communities

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The following BGP communities may be used for wholesale bandwidth customers downstream of AS64073 (Vetta Online Ltd) who are using BGP.

General Communities
64073:20101 All routes (Blended Transit)
64073:20102 All AS6073 routes (incl customer routes)
64073:20111 NZ International (AU/US/EU routes)
64073:20112 AU International (NZ/US/EU routes)
64073:20113 US International (NZ/AU/EU routes)
64073:20114 EU International (NZ/AU/US routes)
64073:20201 All NZ routes
64073:20301 All AU routes
64073:20401 All US routes
64073:20501 All EU routes
New Zealand Routes
64073:20201 All NZ routes
64073:20211 NZ Spark routes
64073:20212 NZ AKL-IX routes
64073:20213 NZ MegaIX Auckland routes
64073:20214 NZ WIX routes
Australia Routes
64073:20301 All AU routes
64073:20311 AU MegaIX Sydney routes
64073:20312 AU Equinix Sydney routes
64073:20313 AU NSW-IX routes
64073:20314 AU AAPT routes
64073:20315 AU Optus routes
United States Routes
64073:20401 All US routes
64073:20411 US Any2IX California routes
64073:20412 US Hurricane Electric routes
64073:20413 US Cogent routes
64073:20414 US GTT routes
64073:20415 US TeliaSonera routes
64073:20416 US Zayo routes
Europe Routes
64073:20501 All EU routes
64073:20511 EU LINX routes

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