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Cloud Phone System Common Functions

Cloud Phone System Common Functions

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Voicemail (Answerphone)

  • Press the button assigned to voicemail, or dial *55
    • Enter your PIN Code
    • To listen to messages, dial 1
      • To listen to previous message, dial 4
      • To repeat the current message, dial 5
      • To listen to the next message, dial 6
      • To delete the current message, dial 7
      • For advanced options, dial 3
      • For help, dial *
      • To exit, dial #
    • For mailbox / message and greeting options, dial 0
      • To record/change your Unavailable message, dial 1
      • To record/change your Busy message, dial 2
      • To record/change your Greeting message, dial 3
      • To record/change your Temporary message, dial 4
      • To change your password, dial 5
    • For Mailbox Folders/Change folders, dial 2
      • For new messages, dial 0
      • For old messages, dial 1
      • For work Folder, dial 2
      • For family Folder, dial 3
      • For friends folder, dial 4
      • To cancel, dial #
    • For Voicemail forwarding to another user
      • Select voicemail you want to forward, dial 8 and input the extension for the person you want to forward to

Do Not Disturb (DND)

Tells the phone system that you’re unavailable to answer calls. Your phone will not ring while DND is enabled.

  • To activate, dial *78.
  • To deactivate, dial *79.
  • Some phones will have a softkey for Do Not Disturb, pressing this will toggle the DND function on or off.

Directed Call Pickup

We usually configure buttons “BLF” (Busy Lamp Field) keys on your phone to perform this function.
Only use this procedure if we’ve asked you to.

  • To pick up a call, dial *89, followed by the extension number that has a current and unanswered inbound call.
  • You’ll be immediately connected to the calling party.



Dial Instantly

  • After dialling a number / code, press the # (the pound sign) to immediately dial the number.


Toll Bar

When attempting to call a number that is subject to Toll Bar:

  • You’ll hear a voice prompt asking for a PIN Code.
    • Enter the PIN Code provided to you, then press # (the pound sign).
  • The call will now connect as per normal.

Blind Transfer

Only use this if your phone doesn’t have this feature built-in.
Transfers the call directly to a third party, without you speaking to the third party first.

  • Dial ##, followed by the extension / phone number of the third party. Followed by #

Attended Transfer

Only use this if your phone doesn’t have this feature built-in.
Allows you to talk to a third party prior to transfer (call is placed on hold during this), then complete the attended transfer.

  • Dial #*, followed by the extension / phone number of the third party. Followed by #
  • Talk to the third party.
    • If the third party disconnects the call, you’ll be talking to the first party again.
    • Hang up to complete the attended transfer, connecting the first and third parties.

Requesting Advanced Features

Toll Bar

If a toll bar is required, your organization will need to request this from Vetta Online.
Please include the following details:

  • Should all the extensions have Toll Bar by default, or should we only enable Toll Bar for specific extensions?
    • If we’re enabling Toll Bar by default, which phones should bypass the Toll Bar?
    • If we’re only enabling Toll Bar for specific extensions, which extensions should we include?
  • What should the default region be? (i.e. South Island)
    • By default, we will block all billable calls to phone numbers outside this region.
      • If you would like this to be customized for your organization, please contact us.


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