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Datacentre Crossconnects

Datacentre Crossconnects

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We welcome our colocation customers to connect with other customers inside of our datacentre facilities.

To arrange a crossconnect, the below process should be followed:

  1. Obtain an LoA (Letter of Authorisation) from the party you wish to connect to. This should detail their rack number and any other information required as part of their LoA issuance process.
  2. Open a provisioning ticket either within the client portal or by emailing, requesting a crossconnect. This request should include:
    1. The other party’s LoA
    2. The device and port of yours you wish this to be connected to (if in shared colocation space)
    3. The type of crossconnect required, e.g. Cat6, fibre simplex or fibre duplex
  3. We will then submit this LoA and any additional information to the datacentre for completion. Note any charges as a result of this request will be billed to your account.

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