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Provisioning – Add a Phone

Provisioning – Add a Phone

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  • Access the Cloud PBX
  • Browse to Provisioning → Phones
    • Click New Phone
    • Enter Name (this should be the label you want to appear on the Phone)
    • Select the Model
    • Enter the MAC Address of the Phone
    • Enter the common provisioning password for the tenant (or per-phone if not using the DHCP Option method)
      • Use the password generation feature
    • Select the extensions for the lines on the phone.
      • Do not provision virtual extensions to phones, only extensions that are “part of” a virtual extension.
      • Use Custom Configuration if you want to use a line that doesn’t exist in this tenant.
    • Select Button Layouts you want to add to this phone
      • Ensure that you only use one type of each Button Layout, i.e. Line Keys, Expansion Module 1, Expansion Module 2, etc.
      • On cordless base stations, a Button Layout is used to map the Accounts (Lines) to handsets.
    • Select the Phone Book named Default
    • Click Save
  • Click the Phone you just created
    • Click Autoprovision Values
      • Set values as necessary
        • Create a phone password.
          • This can either be a common password for the tenant, or different on each phone.
        • Click each extension down the right side, and check the settings
        • For extensions down the right side that are Custom Configuration, set SIP settings for the provider you want to use.
      • Click Save
  • Done

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