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Setting up your Vetta Online Backup

Setting up your Vetta Online Backup

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Congratulations on purchasing your Vetta Online Backup service. This guide will step you through how to download, setup and get your PCs connected to the service to give you peace-of-mind of your data.

Downloading the Software
The first step in the process is to download the software, please select one of the download links below
Windows PC Download
Apple Mac Download

Installing the Software
Once you have downloaded the software, install the software. During the install process, you will be asked for the email address and password to sign in to your Online Backup account. You will have entered this during the order process.

Running the Software
That’s it! Now that the software is running, the application will immediately start scanning your computers Documents, Pictures, Videos, Desktop and other important folders to backup your data.If you wish to add any additional folders to your backup, you can do this within the “Settings” menu

Once a successful backup has taken place, you will see a screen similar to the below:

Helpful Hint: You can always view the status of the backups for all your connected PCs by clicking the “Web” menu item in the top-right of the software.

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