Setting up your Vetta Online VPN – Vetta Online

Setting up your Vetta Online VPN

Setting up your Vetta Online VPN

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Congratulations on purchasing your Vetta Online VPN service. This guide will step you through how to download, setup and get your devices connected to the service to keep you secure online.

Downloading & Setting Up
The first step in the process is to download the software, or setup the VPN (depending on your device). Please select one of the links below
Windows Software Download
Android – Search Google Play for “Vetta Online VPN” – or click here
Apple Mac Setup Instructions
Apple iOS Setup Instructions

If using the Windows software or Android app
Simply install the software, open and enter your VPN username and password as it appears in your welcome email, select the country you’d like to connect to, and click “Connect”.

If using Apple Mac or iOS
Follow the instructions in the linked guides above, and use the native VPN functionality on the device to connect to the VPN.

That’s it! You now have your VPN service setup on your device. You can now browse the web securely, masking your real country and/or IP address.

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