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Unblock IP from cPanel Server

Unblock IP from cPanel Server

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Across our cPanel server cluster, we implement rigorous security and firewall standards in order to protect the integrity of your account.

While we won’t specify exactly what is blocked (to maintain security), a few examples are:

  • High number of invalid email account logins
  • High number of invalid cPanel account logins
  • Port scanning across the network

While this does protect your account, in some circumstances (e.g. an incorrect password configured in an email program), this can cause a legitimate IP address to be placed on a server blacklist, and prevent access to your account.

We give clients the ability to check IP addresses in the firewall and remove these incorrect blocks to regain access to your website/email from within our client portal.

Note: Before unblocking your IP, please ensure that passwords being used are correct. This is the most common cause of IP addresses being placed on the blacklist, and this will continue to happen if incorrect passwords are used.

To unblock an IP Address:

  1. Login to your client portal at https://portal.vetta.online.
  2. Under the “Support” heading, click “Unblock IP Address”
  3. By default, the IP address you’re using is filled – if this is correct, click “Check for IP Block and Remove”. You can also enter an alternate IP address.
  4. This will search our servers for this IP address on a blacklist. If found, it will remove the IP, granting access immediately, and give the reason for being placed on the blacklist..

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