Your cloud phone system

Whether your business has one phone or one hundred, our Cloud PBX is feature packed to offer your business the best in IP communications

Vetta has been hard at work to develop and implement the perfect Cloud PBX for our customers, packed with all the features and functionality a modern business needs to work with powerful features, reliable calls, exceptional call quality and best of all, massive cost savings!

No more large clunky, expensive PABX boxes sitting in the back room of your office, and no more high phone bills. Work from anywhere with Voice over IP (VoIP) technology knowing your phone system is safe and sound in the Vetta cloud.

Feature rich

We've packed our cloud phone system with every feature you'd expect, and plenty you wouldn't. These come at no additional cost and are all included as part of our Cloud PBX service!
Ring groups
Hunt lists
CNAM with cache
Remote phone reboots
STIP and RTP encryption
Condition variable BLF
FMFM confirmation
Call forwarding
Extension BLF
Virtual Extensions
Hot Desking
Custom destinations
AGI scripts
Feature codes
Parking lots
Lease Cost Routing (LCR)
Video calls
Instant recording and pause
SIP decoding and debugging
Attended transfer
Streaming music on hold
Multiple recording storage backend
Voicemail transcript (Voice to Text)
Short numbers
Caller ID blacklist
Call campaigns
CRM integrationF
NAT control
Dial by name
Pone provisioning
PIN code dialog
Round robin selection
Find me/Follow me
BLF parking lots
Call history
Phone books
Multiple music on hold
Blind transfer
Call waiting
Call pickup

One home phone, or a whole enterprise

Scalable from one single landline phone all the way through to 100+ enterprise phones, our Cloud PBX fits the ticket

Whether you're just looking for a home phone on VoIP bundled with our internet services, or looking to deploy VoIP phone services to your business, our Cloud PBX is flexible, affordable and scalable enough to be supported in any environment.

Even better, we have tested compatibility with many different IP phone vendors and PBX manufacturers to ensure the ability to use the Vetta Cloud PBX. Some of these vendors are shown below, however our solution should work with any SIP-based device.


Simple and affordable, plain and simple.

Phone Line


Per public phone number

Extension Lines


Per extension line/number

Toll-Free Line


Per toll-free number (0800 or 0508)

Calling rates

Our calling rates are some of the lowest in the industry:
Regional: 2.4c/min
National: 4.5c/min
Mobile: 15c/min

Number Porting

Keep your same phone number(s) when moving to the Cloud PBX.

To keep your phone number when moving to us, there is a one-off charge of $25 per number. We will also need to know who your current provider, including account name and account number.